South Indian Accent. However unconsciously over the years they have succeeded to fool our minds into believing certain stereotypes that still houses in our brains Like.

Most Ridiculous South Indian Stereotypes That Exist In Bollywood south indian accent
Most Ridiculous South Indian Stereotypes That Exist In Bollywood from

The south Indian accent which is more recognisable as the Indian accent in many parts of the world is noticeably different and much thicker than what you hear in.

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For most South Indians Hindi is nothing more than a bazari zubaan (market lingo) that is spoken in major South Indian cities mostly due to migration from elsewhere And this bazari Hindi is more often than not a broken language used by semieducated folk on the streets.

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It doesn’t matter that the “Indian accent” can vary I would be surprised if any outside the Subcontinent can differentiate between a southIndian and a.

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Regional Research Like most countries there really is not a single accentSoften Your T When learning how to do an Indian accent you will noticeOther Consonants to Consider The letter T is only one sound to watch forSyllable Stress When speaking American English and other dialects you tryGesture A Lot Sometimes in order to make an accent more believable youListen and Watch One of the best things you can do when attempting how toTime to Listen Again We are usually our worst critics You can use that toRemember to Speak We have heard it since we were children Practice makesJoin a Team Do not be afraid to find some outside help You are learning how.

Most Ridiculous South Indian Stereotypes That Exist In Bollywood

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Personally I can recognize at least half a dozen accents in Indian English (Punjabi Oriya Bengali Gujarati Marathi Tamil Bihari) but to my ears a Geordie accent and a heavy Scottish accent sound the same (and neither sounds much like English to me) One other factor is that you may have heard only highly educated Indians speak in English.