Nitrates In Heart Failure. A nitrate with the intrinsic capacity to induce antioxidant systems like PETN has the potential to elegantly improve treatment of heart failure without inducing nitrate tolerance not only in acutely decompensated but also in chronic disease Disclosures None Footnotes.

Cardiovascular Disorders Congestive Heart Failure Congestive Heart Failure nitrates in heart failure
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Nitrates are commonly used in the therapy of congestive heart failure (CHF) They exert beneficial hemodynamic effects by decreasing left ventricular filling pressure and systemic vascular resistance while modestly improving cardiac output When is nitroglycerin contraindicated?.

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Organic nitrates have been used widely in the treatment of chronic congestive heart failure These drugs have been shown to have beneficial hemodynamic effects both at rest and during dynamic and.

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If all trials of iv or oral nitrates are considered the reduction in the odds of death is 32% (P less than 001) 3 Nitrates have a beneficial effect on haemodynamics in heart failure but the data on mortality effects are sparse In combination with hydralazine however longterm mortality was reduced in the VHEFT trial of chronic heart.

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The organic nitrates are a safe and effective choice for the management of ischemic syndromes related to coronary heart disease Although the antiischemic effects of these compounds have been recognized for more than a century the mechanisms by which they exert their beneficial effects are still being delineated.

Cardiovascular Disorders Congestive Heart Failure Congestive Heart Failure

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Heart failure Nitrodilators are used in acute heart failure and in severe chronic heart failure Arterial dilation reduces afterload on the failing ventricle and leads to an increase in stroke volume and ejection fraction Furthermore the venous dilation reduces venous pressure which helps to reduce edema.