Liger Zero Schneider Bt. The white base armor Liger Zero is a new bootleg kit from BT News officially broke on Chinese forums about a month ago with them announcing sales beginning at the end of August A number of years ago another company STK was bootlegging all of the Liger Zeros and a large number of other zoids kits but were shut down by the authorities Unlike other companies they never.

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I’m in the process of building BT‘s Clear Liger Zero Panzer It’s not bad? It has the typical bootleg issues with illfitting parts (usually have the widen the holes glue parts together etc and I’ve only run into one malformed part that luckily wasn’t integral to the build I feel like BT‘s shield and blade ligers are gonna be roughest because the official releases are a little bit of a.

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BT Sadly haven’t made a holo Schneider 3 Reply Share Report Save Continue this thread level 1 6m Love seeing all the Ligers you have Where did you pick up the ruby red Liger? 1 Reply Share Report Save level 2 Op 6m It the HMM Liger Zero Empire ver It was a limited edition run I got mine off ebay for not too much before the prices got jacked Best off looking on.

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Zoos New Century.

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Just finished the BT Blade Liger Thoughts Van Version +

Liger Zero (Standard released a Bootleg Have BT recently

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A WIP on Kotobukiya’s 1/72 Highend Master Model Liger Zero Schneider from Zoids New Century (aka Zoids/ZERO) Prep prime paint detail panel lining top c.