Employee Inheritance Program In Java. Employee management System Project in Java Online Source code Employee Class Example Code Java Inheritance Polymorphism Example OOP Inheritance Polymorphism Java Programming Tutorial with Example code What is polymorphism in Java? Method overloading or overriding? all explain in given example public abstract class Employee { int employeeId.

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The keyword used for inheritance extends Syntax class derived class extends baseclass { //methods and fields } Example 2 In this example the Programmer is the subclass and the Employee is the superclass The relationship between the two classes is the Programmer ISA Employee It means that a Programmer is a type of Employee.

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Why Inheritance Is Used in JavaThe UML Diagram of The Inheritance “isa” RelationshipThe Java Code of The UML DiagramSuper Class ConstructorMany beginner programmers add the attributes programming language and the database tool to the class Employee as shown below The following class contains redundant information because not every employee are programmers and database professionals If you create the object employee for a manager or an administrator you do not need to know anything about programming languages or database tools When you even create an object for programmers you do not need to have information about the database tools because programmers in our example don’t work with database tools Another solution is that you create two extra classes for Programmers and Database professionals For the programmers we add a language attribute and for the database professionals we add a database tool attribute as shown below The above solution is even worse than the first one because this time we use the attributes name age and salary in two other classes while we have the same in the class employee The disadva In the UML diagram below the classes programmer and the DatabasePro both extend the Employee class and they inherit the fields name age and salary from employee This kind of relationship called the “isa” relationship because programmers and Database professionals are also employees in our example Java uses inheritance to allow programmers to reuse the code which are written already in a super class as Employee Both programmers and database professionals can inherit all the attributes they need from the class Employee but they need to keep their own special attributes in their own classes The correct code is that to make the class Employee a super class for both programmers and database professionals In that way you inherit all what you need from the parent class Employee and add the fields and methods that are specific for the child classes Here below we see that the classes Programmer and the DatabasePro use the code superprintData() to access the method printData() in their super class In the above code the class Employee is a super class or a parent of both classes Programmer as well as DatabasePro In Java we use the key extendsto inherit from a superclass In the following code we instantiated the object p which is a programmer and we use pname page and psal When you call a constructor in a subclass a call is directly made to its super class constructor See exercise 2!.

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import javautil* class employee { Scanner s=new Scanner (Systemin) int emp_id String empname /*void getdata () { Systemoutprintln (“enter name”) empname=snext () Systemoutprintln (“enter empid”) empid=snextInt () }*/ } class salary extends employee { //Scanner s=new Scanner (Systemin) double monthly_salary String designation salary (double monthly_salaryString designationint emp_idString empname) { thisemp_id=emp_id thisempname=empname this.

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extends Keyword extends is the keyword used to inherit the properties of a class Following is the syntax of extends keyword Syntax class Super { } Sample Code Following is an example demonstrating Java inheritance In this example you can observe two classes namely Calculation and My_Calculation The super keyword The super keyword is similar to this keyword Following are the scenarios where the super keyword is used It is used to differentiate the members of superclass from the members of subclass if they have same names Invoking Superclass Constructor If a class is inheriting the properties of another class the subclass automatically acquires the default constructor of the superclass.