Buddypress Profile Page Template. How to edit the BuddyPress profile page There are many routes we could go by in terms of customizing the BuddyPress profile Your first option is just creating a new template for your profile This is a great option but it can be quite scary if you just want a simple edit Another idea is using hooks That’s the route we go for.

Editing Profile Templates On Buddypress Louise Treadwell buddypress profile page template
Editing Profile Templates On Buddypress Louise Treadwell from louisetreadwell.com

Single Member Pages If you are on a single member page BuddyPress will use the following template hierarchy (We will use the following URL as an example – examplecom/members/admin/activity/mentions/) /buddypress/members/single/indexid {id}php – If the member profile’s user ID is 1 BuddyPress will look to use.

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We have also loaded the template that BuddyPress uses to set additional templates that are used on the Profile Page Display the Tab Title This function is pretty simple for our case We will only display the actual title of the tab to show before the recent posts.

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The purpose of this page is to provide a simple example of overloading an existing template part The example shown will allow you to overload the memberheaderphp file which creates the BuddyPress profile page header section (avatar messaging buttons profile navigation menu etc) for profile pages where cover images are not used.

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Navigate to the Templates > Add New section within the WordPress dashboard Within the popup select the “BuddyPress” template type On the type of BuddyPress Page section select “Group Profile” You may then fill in the desired name to the template and.

Editing Profile Templates On Buddypress Louise Treadwell

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When using BuddyPress you can only select 1 Edit Profile to show instead of their form With the custom code from below it is possible to show the correct edit profile form based on the user role on the BuddyPress Edit Profile page when a user tries to edit his profile 1.